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Article writing is a great way to market your business online and also can earn you enough bucks as a ghostwriter. You would want your audience to think that you're a professional writer after they've read your articles. When this happens, you can be assured that these people will trust and respect you.

Here's how you can become a professional web article writer:

  • Stick with facts. Although using controversy and exaggeration will help you in getting your audience to pay attention, over stretching the truth or resorting to blatant lies are simply not acceptable in this field. Remember, your goal is to educate your readers and not to mislead them. Verify every single data that you put on your articles and back them up with research when and as needed.
  • Let's say you were thinking of writing an article on Bass fishing to promote an e-book via ClickBank or Amazon. Well, for starters you need to head on over to Groups.Google, type in bass fishing to see what questions people were asking in this niche. Every niche has their own language, a set of common buzz words they use. Find that language, write down any common buzz words and target your article around the most commonly asked questions. Now, do you think an article like this might hit the right buttons in a reader in this niche. Pay a visit to FAQ.org and check out the bass fishing "frequently asked questions". Here you will get even more quality core-issue information that speaks to the concerns of your target market. Use what you can.

  • Writing style. Your readers will consider you a professional web article writer if you use a distinct writing style that is uniquely yours; something that demonstrate wit, exceptional writing skills, talent, and deeper understanding on the topics that you're writing about.
  • Writing errors. Professional web article writers spend considerable amount of time to make sure that their articles are perfect. They read their articles not only once or twice but until they're completely satisfied. Do the same. Check your articles for grammar, spelling, and other errors before you distribute them online. Remember, they are your image in the online arena thus, it's just but right to make sure that they're flawless.
  • Impress your readers. As a professional writer, you must understand that it's your responsibility to prioritize and impress your readers. This will happen if every writing element you use and every piece of data you share compliment the needs and demands of these people. Remember that you do not have to write a huge-manuscript-of-note... in fact keeping your articles between 350 -- 500 words of interesting content is more than enough to convince your reader of the value in visiting your site for more of the same. As far as possible try and give your reader information they can act on immediately. Actually giving them a plan of action they can follow will drastically increase the attention your article commands.

Don't forget that as the reader glances over your article they are constantly thinking 'What's in it for me". Giving them clear benefits to reading your article will make them want to find out what else you have to offer. Do you think that they might want to click on your bio-box to find out?...I know they will.


No longer viable are the days of selling a one size fits all product or service to customers. If you are still stuck in that kind of mentality, you will be left behind. The market is evolving into needs based selling and customer oriented focused services. However, it is not easy to be a needs based seller that is customer oriented. This requires knowledge, skill and the correct attitude.

In order to become a truly customer oriented salesperson that sells on needs, you need to know what your potential customers are thinking and what you should focus on in order to clinch that deal. Here are 6 questions you need to ask yourself in order to become a customer oriented needs based salesperson:

Question #1 - What are the reasons that your customers are engaging in a conversation with you?

There are three reasons why customers engage in conversations. To create a new status quo, to repel an old status quo and to maintain the present status quo. Find out their purpose of engagement which is one of the reasons stated here and you will be on your way to serve them better.

Question #2 - What is their comfortable budget?

Almost every customer will have a figure in mind even when they tell you they don't. Never buy into those stories as customers are always shopping for the best deals and they will not tell you that so that they can be more flexible in their decision making.

If your product or service is above their budget, you have to justify why the charges are higher and what the customers are actually paying for.

If your product or service is less than their budget, you also have to explain the rationale behind that. Never leave your customers to make perceptions. Chances are they might think that the product or service
rendered is going to be under expectations for the price they are paying for.

If your product or service matches their budget, your customers will lap up your product or service without hesitation, which is the ideal situation that rarely happens.

Question #3 - What level of quality do they desire?

You will be surprised to know that the popular belief of the best quality with the right price will normally move your customer's hearts. In reality, customers do not always go for the best quality even though the price may be justified.

Ask your customers what level of quality they are looking for and match their requirements with your product or service. Always keep in mind that the customer have the final choice, avoid making presumptions that your "best" is theirs.

Question #4 - What is their underlying value tone?

This is often taken note of by sophisticated needs based sales people. They know that the customers have to meet their own value judgment on products and services and will assist them in matching the right product or service with their budget. An easy way to prevent buyer's remorse is to imagine you in their position and see what pros and cons are for purchasing the product or service offered.

Question #5 - What product features and functions are customers looking for?

The easiest way to find that out is to ask your customers directly. Ask them about the features and functions they need and those they can do without. Ask them on how they are going to use your product or service and find the matching fit. We do not like to pay for things we do not need, so do your customers. The focus should always be on satisfying their needs. When they realise the high ethics that you are operating with, chances are you have a loyal customer that will keep returning and also refer new customers to you.

Question #6 - Their preferred mode for payment?

The very last step of the business transaction is the closing. Even though every part of the sales process may precede smoothly but the transaction still fails because your customer's preferred mode of payment and structure is unavailable. The solution is to offer flexible and accommodation payment modes. Try to focus on making it a pleasant and convenient shopping experience for your customers.

The above points are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to needs based selling. The ideal sales process is always to strive for a win-win situation for your customers, organisation and its people. Everyone ends up benefiting and happy, so do your pockets.

Ben is an entrepreneur and also a operations manager in a corporate training company. He has extensive knowledge in the areas of finance and corporate training. He has also started his own online business dealing in multiple areas of trading in the year 2008. In addition, he takes time off to self-improve continuously in order to keep abreast of the latest developments in the economy where knowing where the market leads, is crucial for the survival of every business.


After this you want to choose a basic outline for your eBook. Think and plan some chapters. Write down all the chapters that are going to have in your eBook. Use all your ideas. Then you start to fill them up chapter by chapter. Use all the source material that you gathered, but don't copy it word for word. Write it in your own words and see if you can put your own personality in it to make it unique. Set yourself some goals. Try and finish one chapter a day.

Next, try and get some nice pictures in your eBook and change the fonts and sizes so that it looks professional. Make sure that your eBook has some nice links to your other products and sites inside for some juice back end sales. This is an easy way to get free viral traffic to your websites.
You can sell your ebooks online at amazon and make lots of money.

Finally, you want to get someone to proof read it for you. Get more than one person, especially if your first language isn't English. You can hire people for this on sites like Elance. If you are satisfied with it, compile it into PDF format. This is the best format for your info product.

You can use easy software like ebook-gold to publish your e-book. Make it brandable if you are going to create a free info product. This will make sure that people want to give your product away and your traffic will grow virally.

When you have your finished product, you only need to make a great sales page for it (outsource if your copywriting sucks) and start getting traffic to your sales page. Check our post on how to sell your ebooks online. If you don't want to pay for website traffic to your info product, you can get these Free Traffic Courses for free. You will learn all the free traffic generation secrets that exist.

This may sound easy, but it is still hard work to create your own info product. It will pay off when you see the cash flowing in though. And then it is off to create the next one. Good luck!


  1. Step 1

    This is a great news for the merchants in the house. Amazon.com has a very hot marketplace with millions of customer across the globe; where you can sell whatever stuff ranging from books, electronics, software, furniture, and so on, whether new or used stuffs. First step is to go to Amazon.com and on their website look to the bottom left side where you’ll find “Selling on Amazon”. Click on the link “Sell Your Stuff”

  2. Step 2

    The link will then take you to the “Sell Your Stuff and make money – it’s that easy” page. This is where they tell you that you can “Earn cash by selling your pre-owned items on Amazon.com. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it doesn’t cost you a penny until your item sells” if you are choosing individual plan. They have two price plans: individual plan(to sell little stuffs with no subscription fees) and pro merchant (to sell a lot of stuffs with a monthly subscription fee of only $39.99 plus selling fees on items that sell).

  3. Step 3

    Just below the welcome, there will be a box where you will list the item you would like to sell. Amazon has 18 categories from books, sporting goods, automotive, and more categories including one called “everything else” to use if your item is not listed in the category.

  4. Step 4

    Search by title or keyword to find your exact item in their marketplace. Once you have done this, click on the “Start Selling” button.

  5. Step 5

    You will then be taken to the page which shows all items that are relevant to your keyword or title. Depending on your item, you may see one or multiple items to choose from. Once you have found an item that is like yours, click to the right on the “Sell Yours Here” button.

  6. Step 6

    You will next verify the item you are selling, select the item’s condition. You need specify if your item is a new or used item and then add comments about the condition of your item. Once you are ready, click on the “continue” button at the bottom of the page.

  7. Step 7

    On this next page you will enter the price for your item, the quantity you have available for sale to sell, your location, and select your shipping methods. OK what about the shipping? Amazon.com will credit you for the cost of shipping. There are preset credits for each shipping method so you are not out the money of shipping.

  8. Step 8

    Once you have completed this you will be taken to the sign-in page. If you have an Amazon.com account, you will sign into it here, or you can create one if you don't have an account yet. First you need to go to amazon.com and set up a sellers account. This will require a credit or debit card, not to charge you for the account, but to verify who you are, and to charge each month for amazon fees, for selling on their site. The fees are minimal, much less than eBay.

  9. Step 9

    Once you are ready, click on the “Submit your Listing” button at the bottom of the page and your item will be listed in the Amazon.com Marketplace.

  10. Step 10

    Once your item sells, Amazon.com will immediately send you an email alerting you of the sale. You can follow their easy-to-understand and follow instructions. You need to send your item within two business days and after the buyer confirms to Amazon that they’ve received your item—Amazon will transfer the money to your account. You will receive the price of your item + a credit for shipping – Amazon’s small commission.

Tips & Warnings
  • Pricing your item well will help it sell. Be realistic about what it's worth. Amazon will provide you information about other similar items to guide you in pricing yours.
  • Be sure to ship your item in the time frame and with the shipping method chosen by the buyer. Amazon closely watches its sellers to ensure that their clients are getting what they pay for so follow through with your end of the deal to get your money.

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Who doesn't want to be a money magnate? This is the question that propounds and let many go round and round! Guys there are many ways of making money and become rich, but there are very few ethical ways of making money.

You may be asking yourself "what is all the buzz about the make money online from home idea?" Well the idea isn't a new one. What is new is that there are myriad ways to make money from home using the internet. This means everything from selling franchises to selling the latest digital products and everything in between. You can also promote any type of business that you may have offline and make a whole new client base. This can be a wonderful addition to any brick and mortar business.

Why use the internet to make money online from home? Simply put, it is a quick way to earn money. There are many different outlets that you can use with trying to make money online. You can use the internet to find many legal money making opportunities and jobs. What kinds of jobs are out there and can be used to earn money? Well you have your choice of jobs such as virtual assistant, customer services, verification and other jobs that can be found on the internet. A word of warning here for those looking for jobs online. Not everything presented is legitimate.

And this is a practical truth of life. If you are really searching for some simply easy-to-go money ways through online ventures, then certainly what you read down below will make you startle!

Yes you can make online! In fact, anybody can become money stalwart, and the need is simply to follow right track! Practically speaking there are many good and effective ways to make money online, and that too in just minutes. Make money online writing blogs. Yeah many bloggers are earning handsome amounts out there! Bloggers earn money by using their blogs to market their affiliate products and also make use of adsense earnings programme like yahoo ads, google adsense, bidvertizer ads, etc.

Article writing
is a great way to market your business online and also can earn you enough bucks as a ghostwriter

And, if you are a completely different nerd, then certainly, you have other special ways to make money online. Go for affiliate marketing. It is easy, and you'd earn good money by being an affiliateThink of signing up with Amazon.com, clickbank, hostgator, and so many others for their affiliate programme. In this programme you are expected to market their products and if any customer buy them through you, you will be paid a mouth watery commission.

Online forex trading, stock trading and commodity trading is also a great way to make some quick and easy bucks through the online way. Investment into the financial market is made easier through the internet and you need to learn the art of trading to make lots of buck from these markets

Google adsense is another sumptuous way to earn dollar by utilizing the online medium. Making money online by being intuitive and creative! These ventures largely include, web design, copywriting and internet marketing.

Making money online is an easy process, where you need to search your interest and sync it with any promiscuous online method.


Home based business

Home based business successful tips

3 methods to earn income from home

Practical steps to make money blogging

You can make money by selling stuffs on Amazon.com

How to create your own information products for free and market them for dollars



They are finally out. The steps to become a millionaire are here. You can read them, learn them, know them by heart, apply them in your daily lives and you may soon find out for yourselves how good it is to be one of them.

The good news is that the steps to become a millionaire are available to everyone. Whether you are young or old, or employed or unemployed, or rich or poor, the secrets are available to you. It has been available for decades and yet only a few believed that these could truly let things happen in their lives.

The first step is to have a dream. Do not be afraid to dream a bigger dream, because as they say, you are only as big as your dreams. If you can think it then you can achieve it.

Know yourself, your limitations and abilities. If you are lacking in one aspect you needed to have in order to get to that dream, do something about it. I so much believe in self development. It pays you a lot to learn new skills and equip yourself to be ready for challenges.

Make a plan to overcome that missing part. Learn and find ways to see your dream into the finish line. Research through every resources like this blog site for information/ideas that will help you make a better business plan.

Act on your plan. At least make a start, do it now, plant the seeds of your dream, and keep moving towards it. You must love what you are doing, this is the advice of many successful people. Aim towards excellence. Don't take failure at its face value, use them as a lesson. Develop self-discipline. Never lose sight of the goal, move toward it with persistence.

It may take some years and a lot of hard work but know in your heart that the dream is worth it. Get motivated to be able to fire on in the presence of challenges.

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There are many authors today publishing lot and lots of works online and offline and this provides an opportunity to make money by reading books. Knowing how to get paid to read books will help you to start a new career if you are the type of person that enjoys reading. You can become a book editor, a book reviewer or you can write your own books and market them online. There is a lot of money in the book industry and you can be part of it.


Apply for a position as a book editor. You can become an editor to read books, reviews or articles online. There are many websites that pay freelancers and other editors to write all or part of books for editing purposes or sometimes just for their opinion.

Although it is beneficial to have some experience in editing, it is not always necessary to get a job as an editor or as a freelance editor.

In most cases you will get a free copy of the book or ebook just for reading it and giving your opinion or edits.


Apply to become a book reviewer. Book reviewers read books for book companies for various reasons. The company may need someone to read books to see if they are any good. They may need a written review of the book or they may have other requirements for the book reading.

There are many websites on the internet that offer various freelancing work for individuals that want to do various reading and writing tasks for clients and are paid a set fee, not an hourly rate.

I have never heard of anyone getting paid to read emails or forum posts so be careful of scams.

Knowing how to get paid to read books will help you to bring in extra income for your family.


Write a book and read it to edit it and review it yourself. It is important that you read your own writing and perfect it before trying to market it to others.

There are many ways to make money in the writing industry. You can write online to make money, you can write a book to make money and you can write for others to make money.

You can make money writing a book, so get started today.

You should read everyday to stimulate your brain.

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Ten Marketing Mindsets for Success! Having the right mindset for your marketing can mean the difference between amazingly impact marketing and marketing that is blase and falls flat with little to no results. These ten marketing mindsets will also help you stay the course and focus, expand past your comfort zone, and keep your energy up so you don't get down on yourself and get frustrated with your marketing before you've given it a chance.

  1. Give Yourself Time

    Most of my clients are their own worst boss! Their expectations are so high that they don't really give marketing efforts time to work before they start doubting, questioning and wanting to ditch the whole effort. Acknowledge that you are a lifestyle entrepreneur. This is a business owner who won't compromise on her lifestyle - she's not about to sacrifice her relationships, miss the big school play, go without a vacation or working out and taking care of herself. Given your commitment to your lifestyle, create marketing programs that support your lifestyle success. Just because someone else looks like they are moving fast doesn't mean you have to pile on a load of stress and sacrifice everything that's important to you. Build time (we're not talking perfection here) into your side.

  2. Commit to Frequency

    I heard this in the early days of my career in newspaper advertising back in the 80s and it's still true today. Actually it's probably more important today than ever. We are literally bombarded with over 68,000 messages a day. Your client has learned to put up a big filter and be selective about how much information she lets in. So, you have to be consistent in your efforts so that little by little she'll develop an awareness of who you are, develop a trust in you and your services, and be there when she is ready to buy. This is also about trusting your vision and making a commitment to keep showing up in real, vulnerable, confident ways with your marketing.

  3. Create a Support Team

    Doing it alone will have you burnt out and is a sure-fire way to zap your creativity. Create a plan for your ideal support team - both for your business and for your home life. You don't have to hire them all at once. Knowing that you have a plan for which people you want to add and when you want to add them can be liberating in itself. Then gradually hire people on a project basis or for a few hours. As you are ready to step into the next level of success for your business, you'll hire another person to help you expand your capacity. Growing with the evolution of your company allows you to keep focused on your "strengths-based" work - the juicy, creative part of your business that is directly related to growing the business. Let others (who are working with their strengths!) handle the rest.

  4. Look for and Create Systems

    This is a key area for a lot of growing business owners. To handle the growth look for anything and everything that you do over and over again. Make a system out of it. Design a template, checklist, procedure list so you aren't redoing it every time. I have to say, I equate "systems" with "freedom." Every 10 - 15 - 30 minutes count in my busy life. Learn how to use your online systems and programs to help support you not having to hold so much information in your head (i.e. birthdays, appointments, to-do's, ideas). As you build your support team co-create systems with them. My amazing assistant, Jan, helps me with my newsletter. Not only does she do all the behind the scenes management of it (shopping cart, template, editing, list management, etc.) but we've created a system to help me get it out on time. We have calendarized the newsletter so we know our publish dates, and then three days before it's due to her she sends me the template with as much information as possible already updated. I just have to write the welcome, provide the article, and product announcement. A system set up for my success! (Thanks Jan!)

  5. Let Out Your Personality

    Surprisingly - this is such a big area for creative entrepreneurs! You would think with all that creativity busting at the seams in your business that this would be easy. What I find is that a lot of creative entrepreneurs are so conscious of their creative side that when it comes to marketing they think they have to button it up and "be professional." Being professional can be a business-killer. I don't like to use that word much but I have to say - being professional and blending in - will get you just that - blending in and not standing out to your ideal client. For starters, just be a little more personal and creative in your marketing than you think you "should." You will be surprised at how you will connect with more people when you tell them about your cat, your vacation or your real -life stories of "annual summer schedule nervous breakdown" (oops - talking about me!).

  6. Claim Your Expert Status

    This is another big one for many women entrepreneurs. We have been raised with those stories: "Don't be too big for your britches," "Don't brag," and the biggie, "Just who do you think you are?" The thing is your clients WANT to know that you know what you are doing. The only way they'll know is if you tell them. You can tell them in many ways that are fun and creative: through stories of your clients and how you solved a problem or they achieved a success working with you, through photos of you in action, and especially in your newsletter or blog. This is where you can shine with each publication, giving them tips, resources and stories about what you know works.

  7. Take a Stand

    Don't be wishy-washy. You'll get lost in the sea of mediocrity. All those businesses you hear about failing each year - many of them were indistinguishable from each other. What are you passionate about? Let your clients and potential clients know. Sure it's a bit risky - they might not agree. The key here is to really know your client! Your ideal clients will feel closer to you and more attracted to you. They will keep coming back. Even dare to be controversial - not just to get attention but to really let your passion out. People love passionate and engaged people. They want to know how you are different from someone else. I do this every time I publish this Joyful Business newsletter. Many people like the idea of a "joyful" business but then they'll say, "Yeah, sure, but can you really enjoy your business?" As you know, I take a stand for including your passion, creativity and lifestyle in your business. Some people don't agree and they quickly go away. The ones who stay are true fans. They want to hear and know how they can keep this philosophy alive in their own businesses.

  8. Build Your Celebrity Mystique

    I recently bought an audio CD series from Rev. Michael Beckwith through Sounds True (an audio learning company). My coach was curious and asked me what their email said that prompted me to make the purchase. The truth of it was that I bought because he's built up his expert status and his celebrity mystique. I've heard him speak on The Secret DVD, Oprah and Larry King enough to know he drips soul when he speaks. So, I've been waiting for a product from him. Now, you might say that you haven't been on Oprah (yet). You can start today - right in your own life. Share pictures and stories of you and your coach, your mentors, your mastermind group - these show commitment and professionalism in your business. Get your picture taken when you go see famous speakers. Share pictures of you speaking, at special events, or charity fundraisers. All these situations are opportunities to share more about you to your readers, and they shape your personality and your values and make you real. Bottom-line is that people want to buy from successful people. Show them how you are a success!

  9. Keep Learning About Marketing

    You want to keep learning and growing in your marketing expertise. Marketing vehicles change, your ideal client evolves and so does your business. You want to always be filling up with how can you improve, tweak, change, make adjustments and try new things while keeping the successful marketing strategies fresh. Schedule learning from the experts (this is not to suggest you should follow every new marketing idea - manage your energy here!) and track what is working for you and what needs a fresh tweak. A great example of this is a sales page for a product. It might work at the beginning, but you'll eventually find that the conversion fizzles. Is it that you need a fresh message, updated testimonials, a stronger headline, installment payments, or is your current market saturated and it's time for new markets or to add to your list? This takes time. Put it in your calendar to visit your stats, get feedback and determine what needs to be changed. After all, marketing is a like a game, and to play the game you always have to be in movement trying something new, paying attention, stretching, being curious or systemizing what's working to free up energy.

  10. Get a Mentor

    Unless you want to spend energy, effort and lots of money recreating the path on your own - do yourself a favor and make a leap forward by learning from the best mentor you can afford. The key to having a successful relationship is to find a coach, consultant, or mentor who shares a similar philosophy and values as you do. For example, I am a heart-centered, bring your whole life to the table, creative attraction expert. If you are looking for a linear, push, push, rush, rush, dominant personality - I can refer to you some who will fit the bill. What I do is help creative entrepreneurs who are similar to me - they want creative expression, meaningful work, a lifestyle they love and financial success to support it all. I help them get down the path further and quicker with less stress and more ease. What type of mentor do you need at this point in your business cycle? Who do you see that you admire and want to be where they are? What I know is that when I've worked with mentors who push and are more domineering - I just don't flourish. When I work with someone who has a business that is where I want to go and approaches it with fierce love - I blossom. Who do you need for your next evolutionary leap? If heart centered marketing speaks to you and you're ready for a leap in your business, then stay tuned for our upcoming Platinum Mentor Program -Magic & Miracles in Marketing & Mindset.


Are you holding on to the old obsolete ideas that keep you enslaved to working hard long hours to barely get by? Perhaps you are losing your market share to your competition that is developing smart eBusiness solutions and marketing through blogs, social networks, RSS feeds, SEO and PPC. Don't let fear hold you back. You can empower yourself with information and get help from an expert eBusiness consulting company. An appropriate web eBusiness strategy is your ticket to more choices, more money, greater fulfillment and less worry and stress. So let's get started ...

This article is an introduction for entrepreneurs, professionals, small business owners, speakers, authors and coaches who are ready to learn about effective eBusiness solutions, many of which can passively generate a 5-6 figure monthly income.

The type of eBusiness strategy that will work for you depends largely upon your goals and your type of business. Below is a description of eBusiness web site applications and their various uses that may include branding, lead generation, sales and viral marketing. Often, these can be combined in a single web eBusiness strategy.

  • eCommerce is the best choice for the sale of products and services for a fixed fee that are purchased through a shopping cart where purchases are made by credit card or eCheck. An affiliate program can easily be added to leverage sales.

  • A catalog web site is an alternative to eCommerce when the goal is to showcase products and provide the merchant with a request for quote. Like eCommerce, an effective catalog web site allows the visitor to register, login and access favorites they have saved. This is appropriate for custom orders or when it is desirable to work directly with the customer during order taking.

  • Content Management System (CMS) is an ideal choice for branding, establishing credibility, lead generation and viral sharing of information with your market.

  • Membership web sites are ideal for authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs. These sites allow you to enroll members who have access to information and numerous other functions that may include forums, surveys, contests, news and blogs. Membership web sites can offer free and paid membership programs with access based on level of membership. Affiliate programs are often added to exponentially grow membership and profits.

  • Directory web sites provide a specific target market with access to information about merchants or service providers of interest to them. This can be very specific like a directory of dentists or more general like health care providers. Directories can be targeted to local markets or like Online Yellow Pages, service a nationwide market of shoppers. Directories can be a type of membership site and are often free for visitors and derive revenue from members who pay to be listed as a form of advertising.

  • eLearning web sites provide schools, corporations, entrepreneurs and professionals, opportunities to provide online instruction to particular groups within their market. The instruction can integrate video, podcasts, webinars, forums, articles and opportunities to ask questions. Functions such as online testing, scoring and test results with immediate feedback can be integrated. The eLearning system can even generate proof of compliance with requirements such as continuing education credits for professionals. This type of web site can save a company considerable dollars when used for employee and leadership training. It can also produce substantial ongoing revenue when the user pays to access the instruction and testing.

  • Blogs not only allow you to establish yourself as an expert to your market, they are an excellent tool for interacting with and building a community, generating leads, branding your name and viral spreading your information to your market.

  • Landing pages are an ideal solution for selling one particular product or for lead generation with a specific purpose.
  • Squeeze pages focus on lead generation but allow visitors to access information whether or not they opt in to the subscriber list.

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1. Come Up with the blog name

The first thing you need to do is figure out what the blog will be about. This is called your "niche". You can blog about health, fitness, making money, relationship, self development and so many things you can think of that interst you and can catch the interest of other people. Ask yourself if you have enough knowledge, or are willing to get the knowledge, to write several articles a week on the subject.This will increase your likelihood of success because it lowers your competition.

2. Research for the Keywords

Once you have a topic, you'll need to research the keywords. This will help you figure out what your domain and your content will be. Choose a keyword that is related to your niche and has some competition (but not a lot of it) for your domain name. For example, if you want to blog about making money, there are many keywords associated with "making money". Use this google links: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal or http://www.google.com/sktool/# to search for keywords.

3. Set the Blog Up

Just go to www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.com, register and follow the steps to set your free blog. Next, you'll want to reserve the domain, get hosting, and start writing your posts. Don't worry too much about SEO at first. Just put the keyword for your post in the title and then add it a few times to the body of the article. Spend some time getting content up before you start telling people about the blog. In fact, you should have at least five posts up within the first day or so of launching it.

4. Filll your blog with quality contents

Content for blogs can be inform of articles, audios, book reviews, etcetera, which should be related to what the blog is about.

Keep your blog alive by feeding it wit new content regularly. Let your visitors meet new content each time they visit. If there is any reason why you cannot create content by yourself, you can hire people to do it for you. Go to sites like www.need-an-article.com , www.rentacoder.com , www.getacoder.com , and hire a writer to do the job for you.

5.Make Money with your blog

After you have at least five posts up on your blog, you can start setting it up to make money by using things like advertising programs and affiliate programs. Apart from making money promoting affiliate products by way of earning commission, you can also make money from pay-per-click program. You are paid a certain amount each time your visitor clicks on the ad on your blog irrespective of whether he buys or not. You can sign up for this program with www.google.com/adsense , www.adbrite.com , www.kontera.com , www.clicksor.com , www.bidvertiser.com , www.kanoodle.com. It is very easy to monetize your blog with google adsense programme if you are using blogger.com..

6. Get Traffic to Your Blog

If you set up a nice full shop with no one visiting, dust will make your work useless. So you'll need to work to get traffic to your blog as well - people may not be able to find it on their own. Bringing people to visit your site is called “traffic’. How much you are able to generate per day and how successful your website or your blog will be is determined by how much traffic follows to your website or blog, as well as the quality of such traffic. Common strategies include social networking, article marketing, and submitting the RSS feeds to different directories. Work on getting traffic a little bit at a time and eventually more and more people will visit your blog which will lead to profitable blogging.

7. Become a hired blogger

If you are good and enjoys writting articles and posts, you can consider working as a hired blogger to earn more money online. There are people who look for good writters to hire for a pay in order to post qaulity content on their blogs. You can offer for the job, write and post blogs for blog owners for some good pay.


A blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. To some of you, you may not need to have blogging defined for you. Blogging is the act of writing in one's blog. To blog something is to write about something in one's blog. The actual word, “blog”, comes from the term web log, which was eventually shortened to its new term BLOG.

You can create a blog on whatever topic you like, use the template you want, and write in it when you want. Nearly all blogging sites offer registration for free. You can vent to the world, write about things that you care about, discuss your life…there is no limitation. Blogging is indeed fun when you choose a niche that interests you.

Blog vs. Website

A blog is different from a regular website. It is structured in a daily format where the most recent entry is situated on the top of the page. I like to think of it as the online equivalent of a diary or daily journal. For this reason it is considered "dynamic".

A regular website is considered "static" because the content isn't situated in the "daily posts" format. Once the articles go online, they stay in the same place they were posted initially unless the website designer moves them.

Reasons why you should start blogging

  1. It's good for business.

  2. It improves your search-engine ranking.

  3. It makes you more valuable to your customers and prospects.

  4. It will generate more traffic for your site

  5. It will improve your sales.

  6. If you participate in Google's Adsense program, you can make some big money, even if your visitors don't buy directly from you or they go to your competitors.

  7. It can get you and your company noticed.

  8. If you add RSS news feeds to your blog, you can get loads of content without working so hard AND you can easily distribute your blog's content to other bloggers and websites. (RSS means Really Simple Syndication)

  9. You can invite your readers to comment on your posts, thereby creating a better relationship with them (and increasing the possibility that they will buy from you).

  10. You can have fun writing about your company, products, industry, competitors, conferences you attend, just about anything!

Blogging is relatively easy to start and free like www.blogger.com. Sure, websites are easy to start too, but it takes a little more effort to make sure the website looks nice. With a blog, all you need to do is take a few minutes to set things up, choose your template, and start posting.

Sure, you can go the extra mile and customize parts of the blog template but most of the templates look pretty nice and can stand on their own if you don't have the know-how or the desire to change things.

A blog is also easy to update. All you need to do is log in to the system to add new posts. Nothing else is needed. This ease of use is crucial to blogging success because the more content you have on the site, the more successful you'll be in the long run.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Top 10 Ways to Use Ad Tracking

Most companies have advertising and promotion budgets. It's almost impossible to run a business without one!
But what if you could use a crystal ball that would give you almost immediate feedback on the success or failure of your promotional campaigns? Can you image the increased profits you might realize, if you could confidently eliminate those areas that underperformed, while concentrating on those that were overwhelmingly superior?
Imagine if you could know for certain which headline on your web site created more opt-ins? Wouldn't you like to know which email subject line caused more people to click through to your web site?
Ad tracking can do exactly that. But it can do much more!

Below are 10 reasons you should be using ad tracking:

1. Learn the true cost of your Internet advertising. Ad tracking eliminates budgetary guesswork because you'll have statistics such as cost-per-click and clicks-to-sale. This information will allow you to drill down and find the real and total cost of your online advertising.
As an example, let's say you are doing pay-per-click advertising and banner advertising. Let's further assume that your cost-per-click is much higher than your cost-per-impression. Before you throw up your hands trying to compare apples and oranges, be aware that a good ad tracking program, like Hypertracker, can allow you to compare disparate mediums with ease.

2. Keep only those ads proven to be the most profitable and eliminate the others. Ad tracking can show you which ads to eliminate immediately (the obvious losers that are costing you real money for NO results!), but it can also show you the most productive channels. After all, wouldn't you rather trade a 1% ROI for a 20% ROI (return on investment)?

3. Verify the best target market or niche for your product. Ad tracking can also be used to track things like subscribers. Trying to decide the best niche for your products? Promote your opt-in list to two potential niches and you'll quickly see if one is a better potential market than the other based on the percentage of new subscribers. Can you imagine the time and money this will save you?

4. Compare the ROI on various free promotion methods to determine which provides the highest return. Many times, a marketing mix is based on time vs. money. And, if you're relatively new to the business world, or have a small marketing budget, rolling up your sleeves and doing some experimentation is a great way to build a subscriber list, prospects and sales! But many free methods are time-wasters that provide little in return for the hours spent.
Ad tracking is a great way to tell if forums, articles, social networking, traffic exchanges, search engine optimization (SEO) or hundreds of other "free" methods work. Pick a few and use an ad tracking system like Hypertracker to compare the clicks all the way to sales attributed to each method. Soon you'll only be spending your time in areas that you know are effective!

5. Determine how much traffic your ads are bringing to you. Sure, you can check raw server logs to learn whether your traffic has increased over time. But ad tracking lasers down to pinpoint exactly where that click originated. And it can further drill down to tell you how many sales resulted from those clicks!

6. Fine-tune your ads. Should I change my headline? Is red more effective than blue? Should I use a header graphic? Audio? Video? Professional marketers know that what works for one product or company may not work the same for another. The only way to find out is to test.
Ad tracking allows you to set up alternate tracking links, so you can split-test headline, colors, audio, video and more. Know for certain which element increases subscribers, referrals, leads and sales!

7. Develop a list of your most profitable products or affiliate programs. If you knew for certain that Product A out-produced Product B by a factor of 30, would that be of interest to you? Of course it would! Ad tracking boils all these statistics down to easy-to-understand information that will allow you to make smarter business decisions. You'll quickly see which products or services are duds, and should be eliminated.

8. Test product price points. Not sure which price point will return the highest revenue to you? Use ad tracking to test them! By assigning different tracking links to each price (suggestion: not to exceed 3), you'll quickly learn which price point is likely to produce the highest income. (Remember, the highest sales don't necessarily translate into the highest income!) Take the guesswork out of product pricing!

9. Track the entire lifespan of a campaign. It is common knowledge that there are four stages to a product's life: introduction, growth, maturity and decline. This same theory holds true in advertising and promotional methods and it correlates to diminishing returns.
You've probably noticed how commercials change and evolve over time. The Coke commercial entitled "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" was tremendously popular decades ago, and was attributed to a large increase in the sales of this soda. But increased exposure over a long period of time creates an "advertising life cycle" known as "diminishing returns". To protect profits, it is critical that marketing knows when that commercial goes through the first three stages and its effectiveness is about to produce diminishing returns.
Now you can do the same…without the million-dollar budget. By tracking your campaigns and comparing the results over time, you'll see whether they are still producing, or entering the decline phase. By being aware of the signs of diminishing returns, you can immediately redirect your efforts from the declining campaign to one producing solid (and, hopefully, growing!) results.

10. Compare online and offline promotional methods. It should be made crystal clear that online ad tracking is not restricted to online advertising methods. Your tracking codes can be used in newspaper advertising, business cards, magazines, direct mail campaigns, and more.
By providing statistics on both online and offline marketing methods, you can compare the effectiveness of online vs. offline marketing in general, to determine which produces the highest ROI to you. You'll also be able to fine-tune the methods you use to move your offline prospects to your online assets. For instance, do they respond more to a free report offered online or a 30-minute webinar? Will they be more likely to add their name to your email list if you offer a discount coupon or a contest?

As you can see, there are a multitude of reasons to incorporate an ad tracker, like Hypertracker, into your marketing efforts. Although this list is far from complete, I hope it will give you a starting point to develop your own tracking criteria. By tracking this kind of information, you'll soon be making more informed decisions that will positively affect your budget – and your bottom line.


Has the thought of owning your own web site ever crossed your mind? Whether you own a bricks-and-mortar business, want to turn a hobby into an income, a big corporation or anywhere in between, a web site is an easy and inexpensive way to get the word out about your business.

In this modern generation, every business is going online to be able to network and reach the world wide audience; your business can not be left out because it is very easy now for you to own your website.
Check out our post on "the ten reasons why you need your website" now.

It is a pity that some people think that they need to pay so much to the webmasters or bother themselves with the boring lecture of learning how to design a website before owning there own website. Well the answer is NO. What you need is a website wizard to design your website with ease and a host company to set it up on the global internet. Even to the webmasters, to make the rigorous work of setting up a website easier,there is the need to make use of website wizard.

The use of website wizard offers you the opportunity to use more than 10 professional services in-and-out of box. It is an e-commerce solution that is very easy to learn,customize and it is affordable. If you have used blogger.com to set up your blogsite , you will agree with me that you don't need a professional training to get started. The same applies to the use of website wizard which is very simple to use all you need is to follow the simple step by step guide that will be provided for you and your website is ready and needed to be hosted on the internet.


op 10 reasons people should consider owning a web site:

1. Conduct Business 24/ 7/ 365. Imagine your website as your cyber-employee, presenting your goods, answering questions, and taking payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year! This employee never quits, doesn't complain, and doesn't require a weekly paycheck.
Not only can you conduct business at any time, but your web site provides a unique way to grow your sales revenues. At no additional cost, you can promote a weekly or daily special, post a menu item of the day, or offer a coupon code for that day's purchases only.
Make it easy for your customers to shop with you again and again. If you have a local store or office, be sure to provide a sign-up sheet or other means of gathering your customers' email addresses, so you can contact them through email marketing as well as your web site.
And did you realize that your around-the-clock online business lets you find customers from anywhere in the world? You're no longer restricted to your own neighborhood or time zone. Whether your product or service is delivered electronically or shipped conventionally, your website can explode into new markets while you sleep!

2. Provide Business Information. How many customers call your place of business to ask routine questions? You know, things like location, hours of operation, and credit cards you accept.
A website lets you immediately provide information to prospects and customers any time of the day or night. They can view a map complete with driving directions from their home or office, get phone numbers, check your hours, and see what credit cards you accept. All without tying up employees' valuable time, much of which is wasted answering the same questions over and over.
Your website can also serve as your real-time market resource. With permission, people can download your latest brochure or price list. Policy changes or price increases can be communicated instantly through your website − without the time and expense of physically publishing and mailing them.
But don't think these materials should be limited to written and graphical information. Imagine how impressed visitors would be if you added audio or video to your site to provide information or give an online presentation in a much more interactive way!

3. Be Viewed as an Expert. It's human nature to want to work with knowledgeable people who understand the needs of their market and strive to provide the best solutions. Your website allows you to do this.
Let's face it. Most people go online to search for information. A website allows you to provide written, audio, and even video information online at no cost. Post articles about your company, industry, or product line, and press releases of the latest news.
Don't limit it to your company. Showcase your customers! Include lots of testimonials (audio and video work the best). Share case studies about how your customers benefit from your products and services. And use "before and after" pictures if your niche lends itself to it, as they are always of interest to web visitors.

4. Gather Leads. It's quick and easy to add a squeeze page or opt-in form to your web site. Offer a special report or a bonus for signing up for your newsletter, special report, or ecourse. These people are interested in what you have to offer, so make it easy for them to become part of your email marketing system − and keep them informed and in touch.

5. Increase Profits by Selling Information Digitally. It costs next-to-nothing to produce ebooks, MP3s, and audio recordings, because there are no "hard" costs associated. This means that, aside from selling costs, all of the profits go to you!

6. Reduce Costs. Hand-in-hand with making more money is being able to save more of the money you make! The cost of producing four-color brochures is staggering for the average small business. The cost is minimal if you produce it digitally, using existing equipment, and post it online. Instead of printing costs and paper brochures that take up space, your website allows visitors to download the same brochure at no cost to you.
Employee costs can also be reduced as customer service becomes more efficient. Online FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) can address many of your prospects' questions without calling or emailing your office. And a 24/7 web presence allows customers to place orders online – at their convenience – with no help from sales personnel.

7. Expand Your Business Through Partnerships. Combine the power of your website with your expertise, and you can build a great sales team to help you promote your products and services. The best part is that your sales team won't cost you a dime until it makes you money!

8. Enhance Your Customer Service. Your 24/7 website could be the first place your clients visit when they have customer service needs. Add a page of Frequently Asked Questions and a News section and you'll have fewer calls and emails to your staff. Survey customers and find out what services they'd like to use online and your website can take over even more.
Why not add online forms that can be downloaded and read or completed before a face-to-face contact (perhaps a loan form or insurance form). Let your customers request an appointment or get a bid through your website. They will appreciate your new-found efficiency as much as you do!

9. Test-Market New Products and Services. While you can get feedback for any type of business, it's especially easy to test online products and services. A website allows you to conduct online polls and surveys to find out what's on the minds of your prospects and customers, what they like, where they'd like to see improvement – the topics are endless. It's like having an online focus group without paying those big bucks!

10. Stay Competitive. Every day, more of your competitors are staking their claims on the Internet. Marketing 101 tells you that you don't want to be last to market. Your competitors are building relationships and prospecting your customers every day. All businesses, whether selling to a local market or worldwide, simply cannot afford to be without a web presence.


The storm is settling. Many businesses suffered injuries during the last year's recession in varying proportion. The global economic recession that picked in 2008 was drastic to both big, medium and small scale enterprises. Recent economic reports released this year have shown some recovery from the injury of economic recession across the globe.
Will you be sitting down and still mourning over the losses you encountered in 2008? Or should you be planning ahead. I see this moment as a time to position for future economic boom therefore you need to be alert in the mind to take up the challenge.

First, you need to evaluate the economy at large and your business .... Sit down and look at all the sectors of the economy, discover the areas endangered most and seek for business opportunities embodied by them. You have a business skill, so you should think on how to retain and perform better with this skill in the midst of the current challenges. Survey your managerial abilities and seek for improvement where necessary in order to be able to steer your direction to success. Information is very important as you need to update yourself to be able to make changes and to discover new business opportunities.

Then create a plan and state your priority. From the information you gathered from above inquiries, you need to methodically map and chart your course, and then allow it to be scrutinized as a part of your preparation. A man without a plan is like a ship without a rudder, only to be taken in whichever direction the wind may be blowing. A "plan" is the rudder of success, bringing direction and purpose to the entrepreneur.

Create a new and bold vision by looking back to the changes that have occurred in your market and the knowledge you have gathered through the economic recession experience.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Despite the proliferation of blog sites, it is no doubt that having yourownsite.com is far preferable. What i mean is this: instead of having www.business.blogspot.com or www.business.wordpress.com, you can enjoy the privilege of cutting the long name to www.business.com. This means that your blog instead of being hosted by blogger, it is now hosted by you. OWN YOUR THING !!!. It is better to buy a shop for your business than to take a free shop.....you never know when you will be thrown out.

Stories has been told of people who loose their blog contents to blogger and you wouldn't want the same situation to happen to you. There is this friend who have blogs on business and entrepreneurship which he built in 2005. With hard work and patience, he made one of his blog the envy of all with thousands of visitors on this blog daily. Any post he made were followed up by comments from his numerous visitors. He was among those who their success stories on Adsense earnings is worthy of emulation. But when he is starting to enjoy the fruits of his labor the danger of using a free shop struck him. It started like a play but the truth is that his blog and its beautiful contents was lost; a situation blogger.com attributed to a scam. Read on to know how to make an amends now.

Your rich contents in blog sites whether blogger.com, wordpress.com, googlepages.com and so on can still be changed to yourownsite.com. This will offset the risk of loosing your day to day hard work.

You can do this by switching your blogs any where you have them to wordpress.com (for those that are not using wordpress). Wordpress.com allows you to own your blog by using a host company like HOSTGATOR.
This host company is very good and they will give you free instant set up and can hosts unlimited sites for you. Do this today and put your self in a safe corner.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

5 WAYS TO IMPROVE IN YOUR CAREER- career development

It is not enough to have a career because you need to take extra steps to advance your career. You have been working with this cooperate body for 15 years now but no promotion yet. Do you think your boss is been partial with you? No; the problem starts from you. My idea of climbing the ladder of career to a success is moving from an ordinary staff to an executive; from executive to a business owner and letting the sky to be your limit. So, if you are too comfortable where you are and have no aspirations to move higher, this article is not for you but if not, read this and put it into practice.

(1)ASPIRE FOR THE TOP: don't be too comfortable where you are but aspire to move hire and hire. Develop an image of where you want to be and desire to be there. You cannot pursue something earnestly if you don't have a burning desire to to take actions. Seek and get inspirations from the right sources.

(2)SET YOUR GOAL: Pick up pen and paper and set an achievable goal for your career. This is where you define your image/vision as a real task. You can't aim a target except you have clear view of it in your front.

(3)USE THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING: there will always be obstacles trying to discourage you but you got to disallow it by believing in yourself and been positive about your self. If you believe you can achieve your goal, then you can. But, if you believe you cannot achieve it then you can't. Your mindset has a role to play here.

(4)DEVELOP AN ATTRACTIVE PERSONALITY: this will go a long way to bring people to you and you to people. An attractive personality opens a door of success. Any thing you want in life will be giving to you through people; name it cars, fame, wealth, promotions and so on. It will be easier for you to climb the ladder if you have an attractive personality.

(5)PROMOTE YOUR SELF: if you want to earn hire, start by working hire. You need to be more hard work. Form the habit of going extra miles in your duties. You will start by convincing yourself that you deserve a higher office through your hard work before you can convince people around to promote you to a higher office.

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